Affordable Wood Flooring Ideas

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Wooden floors are naturally attractive and elegant; so you don’t even need to install expensive wood flooring materials to achieve said look. Note, however, that scrimping too much on the materials for floor installation is not always practical as you can spend more money when you need to replace floors frequently. So budget wisely and buy the best wood floor materials that you can afford when planning for your home.

Types Of Wood Flooring

Plywood Flooring

Plain plywood materials are cheap, easy to buy, and quite durable too. These materials are also versatile and are easy to work with. If you want, you can paint the sheets with one color to make it a standard theme for the whole house.

You also have the option of cutting the plywood sheets in half so that you can paint these in different shades. Doing so will allow you to position the wood in alternating pattern to achieve a more interesting look. Some of the colors that you can consider include light and dark colors of brown and green.

Pine Wood

Although pine wood is seldom used as flooring materials, you can still look into it if you are on a budget. It’s not hardwood; and since it’s quite soft, it can get dented when used as flooring for high traffic areas of the house. So if you’re going to use this type of flooring, it is only recommended for low traffic areas such as the bedroom.

Pine wood is beautiful; and it’s easy to install too. And with proper care and maintenance, this softwood can be as long lasting as hardwood floors.

Oak Wood

Oak wood is more expensive than plywood and pine wood; but it’s a type of hardwood, so it’s very durable. If you can afford to use this material for all the rooms in your house, you won’t find the floors difficult to clean and maintain. This type of wood has one weakness, though; and that’s its inability to handle moisture.

It is therefore more advisable to vacuum this type of wooden flooring instead of mopping it. And that being said, it is also not recommended as kitchen flooring. Since the activities in the kitchen can expose the floors to spills and stains, it is more practical to use tiles or vinyl for this particular room in the house.

Bamboo Flooring

Although bamboo is a type of grass, it has the qualities of hardwood materials and can be used as flooring. This is a versatile type of flooring because it’s resistant to moisture; in fact, you can even use a damp mop every now and then when cleaning such type of floor. Sweeping and vacuuming can also be implemented as cleaning procedures.

You will like that bamboo floors are easy to maintain too. In fact, you can sand its surfaces if there are already visible scratches, dents, and marks on it. Applying finishing coat will then make bamboo floors look new and attractive again.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood is the best choice of flooring for large families because this is one of the toughest types of floors. It can therefore handle the demands of high traffic situations in households and won’t easily wear and tear.

Aside from being durable, laminate wood flooring is also attractive because it has a beautiful and natural design. It is therefore practical to use this type of material for the whole house. Being affordable, durable, and easy to maintain make it one of the practical choices when deciding on the type of flooring for one’s home.

Teak Floors

Teak floors are tough because this is a type of hardwood floor. It is highly recommended for active families and for those who like keeping pets inside their home. As we all know, having cats and dogs can be very demanding on the floor; and constant clean up is required. This type of floor can be vacuumed and wiped with a damp mop without damaging it.

This type of wooden floor also comes in attractive shades and designs. One of the most commonly used shades is the pale honey color since it gives a natural wood appeal. You can also go for the dark reddish brown shade which is decorative in itself.

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