The Different Types of Leather Furniture

It is very important for you to find out exactly what you need to know about leather furniture before you get some. When it comes to furniture there are four different grades and they include Top...

What Type Of Leather Furniture Do You Own

It is good to know what type of leather, your leather furniture, or other leather goods are made of before you try to clean them. So this information can be useful if you are

Are You Interested Buying A Leather Sofa?

Leather sofas add class, style, distinction, and sophistication to any room décor and are very easy to keep clean. However, most are not pet friendly and you have to take great care in your decision...

Ashley Big Bomber – Canyon Sofa

Create the perfect relaxing area with this Big Bomber Sofa by Ashley. This exquisite piece features luxurious cushioning, pillow-top arms and rich mocha microfiber perfect for

Brown Leather Chairs

Brown leather chairs tend to bring to mind a time long gone, when men retired to the parlor after dinner to smoke. While those days are certainly gone, the chairs aren't. They are still alive and...

Buying Leather Furniture For Families

You want a quality, mid-grade finished leather furniture. It will handle the stresses and spills of normal family life very well. Most stains should sit right on the surface of the leather and give...

Leather Furniture In Portland

There's nothing like the elegance of leather furniture in Portland. It creates a distinctive identity that no other material can mimic. Besides that, the smell could be extremely appealing. Leather...

Find The Right Leather Furniture For Your Needs

When you’re shopping for leather furnishings, it’s necessary to realize that all leather will have various grains, textures, and lines. It’s not possible to find perfect leather. That’s part of the...

What Is Aniline Leather?

Aniline leather will fill your room with richness that grows in beauty as time passes. Is this the leather that is right for you? That is up to you but be sure to know the facts on the

Leather Furniture Adds To Your Decor

With leather furniture, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating! Choose your style and then work around your furnishings to

Is Bi-cast Leather Real Leather?

Bi-cast leather is made from split leather which is then laminated with a polyethylene top layer. It has been made available thanks to modern technology, which lets leather be split into a number of...

Having A Good Leather Experience

Through chaise patio chairs, to leather reclining chairs, we have the lowdown on what to look for so you will be having a good leather experience

Dyeing Leather Furniture

Always remember that using the same color of dye on different types of leather will give different results. So be careful while using the dyes. Taking a patch test is always

American Made Leather Furniture – What You’ve Been Missing

Leather furniture exhibits natural characteristics that make each piece unique. Today, the combination of old world European leather tanning and modern American manufacturing makes for

The Language Of Leather

Full aniline leather dyeing is suitable only for the very best full grain hides that have few imperfections on the surface. During the tanning process, the hides are soaked with a

Easy Leather Furniture Care Tips

Leather cleaning depends on the type of leather you own. Aniline leather, aniline plus leather and nubuck leather are the three kinds of leather that we use. The first two types have

Buying Discounted Leather Furniture

When purchasing true all natural leather hide, the life of the furniture can last for generations. The only repair that may be needed is wood work on legs and accessories or cushions that may need to...

Leather Cleaning Tips for Couches – Video

There is a wide range of specific leather cleaning products suitable for cleaning all leather types including aniline & pull ups, which is used for

Choosing a White Leather Chair

When choosing a white leather chair, it is useful to have a list of of what your particular needs are instead of directly going into a store with out a clue on what to purchase. There's a great...

Leather Sofas For Your Home

A black leather sofa is about the finest choices you will make. With only a bit of understanding of colors along with matching it won't be too difficult to do so. Your living room furniture will...

Ashley Leather Sofas – Brentwood Series

These Ashley sofas feature traditional styling with rolled arms and rolled back with wing, boxed seat cushions and wood accents on

About Leather Furniture

Today, leather furniture is available in a number of styles that make buying leather furniture more affordable. Here are a few tips about leather furniture that you can use before buying.

What to Look For When Buying Leather Furniture

An individual could expect that owning leather furniture is solely for the prestigious folks. That may possibly be true centuries past but in today's times, any person can have their very own leather...

Protecting Your Leather Furniture From Sun Damage

Leather furniture can be damaged by the sun's UV rays, which can cause fading, drying and cracking of your furniture. This damage may be severe enough that your leather furniture will need to be...

Reasons Why People Love Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is something almost everyone loves, and with good reason. It’s luxurious feel, classic good looks, and amazing durability makes it inherently appealing and desirable. Leather...

Are You Interested in Buying Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can be a classy addition to your living room or den. Many consumers are turning towards leather furniture because of its attractive styling and durability. However, leather...

Do You Have Leather Sofa Status?

Leather Sofas can be enjoyed for decades, handed down from generation to generation - such as the famous "chesterfield" antique sofa, which has been around more than 150 years!

Info About Bonded Leather

Bonded leather contains authentic leather. Yet, many additional components are combined with the genuine leather to make it less costly, whilst still retaining many of the attributes of natural...